The US-Polish Axis: Against Russia or Germany?

Having all but given up on Germany, the Trump administration has turned to Poland as its main anchor in continental Europe. And the United States is not the only European state in NATO that has doubts about Germany. The German government's insistence on plunging ahead with complete dependence upon Russia for natural gas, via Nordstream II, … Continue reading The US-Polish Axis: Against Russia or Germany?

Russian Intelligence to Release More Data

The head of the SVR - Russia's main secret intelligence service - Sergei Naryshkin, a former classmate of the president, always says that Western partners should look to "the facts" in their rewriting of history. Nikolai Dolgopolov, himself formerly in operations and now a popular historian of the service, asked Naryshkin whether he had documents that … Continue reading Russian Intelligence to Release More Data

More Cyberwarfare from Russia

Yesterday in response to accusations from both the NSA and the FBI about a program called Drovorub (woodchopper),  Komsomol'skaya pravda denied flatly that Russia in the form of the military intelligence directorate is in anyway responsible for yet more hacking in the USA. 13 августа 2020 16:13 Неизвестная шпионская программа Drovorub наделала много шума в … Continue reading More Cyberwarfare from Russia