Russian Official Newspaper Pro-Biden

Today Izvestiya publicised the view of an American academic who believes that Biden will win the US presidential election. The article was reiterated in Nezavisimaya gazeta. This would seem to belie the notion recently spread in the United States that the Russians were hoping President Trump would win a second term.

The article fails to mention Lichtman’s biased and failed prediction that Trump would be impeached, his prejudiced twitter feed, nor that Norpath’s model predicted 25 out of 27 presidential elections and he has predicted that Trump will win.

So there is reason to assume pro-Biden sentiment in Moscow’s official circles.

Американский эксперт, известный точностью прогнозов, предсказал, что президентом станет Байден

20:00 08.08.2020 Источник: Известия