Twitter Faces Russian Censorship

The Russian Government is threatening to block all Twitter access to the entire country if it does not accept censorship. Twitter has been given one month to comply with the demand, which comes from Roskomnadzor. Роскомнадзор заблокирует "Твиттер" в РФ через месяц, если сервис не удалит запрещенную информацию Версия для печатиОбсудить на форуме 15:12 16.03.2021 Источник: Информационное агентство … Continue reading Twitter Faces Russian Censorship

Nervous About Inflation? Moscow Annoyed at Bloomberg

World commodity prices have been rising at an alarming rate, which shows that all this money printing which has been going on for the past decade is fundamentally destabilising. It is finally having an impact, but not exactly the kind of impact the Central Banks wanted or anticipated. The Russian economy is not doing well, … Continue reading Nervous About Inflation? Moscow Annoyed at Bloomberg