Biden and Russia

The hardline Vzglyad ru has a headline for today (Russian time) which reads: “Biden has chosen the next president of America.” It points out that half the time Democrat candidate Joe Biden has no idea where he is or what he has to say, so it is logical to suggest that if he wins the next election, Kamala Harris will in fact be president and, as the headline suggests, the Russian hardliners expect Biden to win. This is the second indication and from dissimilar sources that President Trump is not on their wishlist.

Байден выбрал следующего президента Америки

Кажется, что выбор Байдена в пользу чернокожей женщины был предопределен, но все значительно сложнее

12 августа 2020, 22:00
Фото: REUTERS/Lucas Jackson
Текст: Дмитрий Бавырин