British Fighter Planes to Deploy in Ukraine: How Exactly?

When Ukraine’s President Zelensky made a surprise visit to Britain on Wednesday he made the urgent request for British fighter planes to be sent in aid of his forces against the Russians. In the past he also asked for German aircraft and US fighters as well. But how exactly are they to be deployed when there are no airfields available to receive them? This is not the summer of 1940 in the battle of Britain when airfields sprung up across southern England in response to immediate need for the Spitfire. Today’s aircraft need a good deal more, as do the pilots.

This is pointed out by “Viktor Litovkin” – described in Putin’s favourite paper Komsomol’skaya pravda as a military expert, a retired colonel, about whom nothing is known. Litovkin comments on the impracticability of Ukraine hosting American fighter planes such as the F-16. He says that Ukraine does not have even one entire airfield at its disposal (after sustained Russian bombardment). Moreover, he adds, they will need control towers, radar, ammunition depots, fuel, lubricants etc. ; let alone sophisticated air defence systems. And the pilots of such aircraft would require at least one year of training to be able to fly them safely. Furthermore, they would be of no use giving cover to tanks, whose despatch has been canvassed; drones and helicopters would be much better suited to such a task.

10 февраля 2023 9:34
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Эксперт Литовкин заявил об отсутствии у Украины нужного оборудования для истребителей из США

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