Turkey Attempts to Mediate

Putin is apparently surprised at the international reaction to his bombing civilian targets in Ukraine. Nezavisimaya gazeta says: “If the bombing was not simply a reply to the explosion on the Kerch bridge, then the attempt to exert pressure on the West, showing that the Russian leader is prepared to go to the most extreme meassures, has not met with obvious success.” But the newspaper contrasts the EU’s reaction – imposing a new package of sanctions on Russia – with the activities of Turkey’s president, Erdogan, who has been making waves in Washington DC to get talks started between the leading states in the West and Russia, apparently with some success in respect of the spokesman for the National Security Council: retired rear admiral, John Kirby. Not that Putin’s spokesman is impressed: “Enough”, he snapped.

Nezavisimaya gazeta:

10.10.2022 20:18:00

Евросоюз готовит девятый пакет санкций, а Эрдоган – большие переговоры

“Удар по Украине вызвал бурную международную реакцию, но явно не ту, на которую рассчитывали в Кремле”

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