Putin Panic at Fire on Crimea Bridge

Contrary to what I wrote a few minutes ago, it appears an oil tanker exploded crossing the bridge that links Crimea to the (real) Russian mainland. The containers of fuel on a train following along a parallel line then ignited. But the girders of the bridge appear untouched. The psychological impact appears to be out of all proportion to the incident which has of course closed traffic to and from Crimea. The fact that Putin has immediately ordered an investigative committee to examine the facts speaks volumes.

The Russians have not yet said how the fire occurred. Nezavisimaya gazeta says that despite more than once threatening to hit the bridge, the Ukrainians do not have the means to do it as the bridge is covered by air defence systems.

The Russian press – notably Vzglyad ru, which is close to the “organs” – is now speculating as to how this was done considering the tight security in place at both ends of the bridge. One source suggests some kind of radio transmission was involved, but it still does not explain how a bomb was secreted on board.

08.10.2022 08:35:00

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