Screw-ups in Partial Mobilisation

“The army and society demand mobilisation without mistakes” was yesterday’s headline in the hardline paper, Vzglyad. It is extraordinary what a dog’s dinner the Russian military have made of conscription.

So much so that the popular tabloid Komsomol’skaya pravda has opened a hotline to help sort out the problem of those not nominally qualified to be called up to serve in the armed forces, such as those fathers with large families.

“Tell us about your story, and Komsomol’skaya pravda will help you find a way out of the most complicated situation”, the headline reads. What the Kremlin has created is “complicated”, the newspaper patiently explains, “and in any complicated process there are mistakes.” At the root of the problem is that the database upon which they are relying for call-up has long been out of date. This may be why the dead are due to serve. The military seem to be incapable of resolving the problem, so the newspaper has stepped in alongside “many deputies personally” from the Duma.

Hegel wrote that war is the ultimate test for the cohesion of society. In 1914-18 war broke old Russia. It looks like it could break the new one.

Komsomol’skaya pravda,

26 сентября 2022 4:58


Vzglad ru, 25 Sptember 2022

Армия и общество требуют мобилизации без ошибок