Now There is Turkey to Worry About

No sooner are the Russians on the run in North-east Ukraine than Azerbaidzhan breaks the cease-fire of 13 September 2021 and relaunches hostilities against neighbouring Armenia, which has in the past been to all intents and purposes a Russian protectorate since the collapse of the Soviet Union. Both Nezavisimaya gazeta and Komsomol’skaya pravda are in no doubt about this.

Azerbaidzhan is separated from Turkey by Armenian territory and it is this that the Azeris covert. Moscow is clear what the ultimate aim of all this is – the long-term expansion of Turkey through to Central Asia. And the Kremlin is sure, as Komsomol’skaya pravda today reminds readers, that “Ejecting Russia from the Caucasus has long been a Turkish objective.”

It appears that the Azeris have taken this opportune moment to test Russia’s defence priorities in the region, having seen how badly its armed forces have performed against Ukraine.

13 сентября 2022 13:35
Звонок в Ереван: Пока Россия занята Украиной, для нее хотят открыть на Кавказе «второй фронт»

Also, Nezavisimaya gazeta

13.09.2022 20:54:00

Азербайджан и Армения на пороге новой войны

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