Russia and Biden’s Appeasement of Tehran

The Russians look at the American non-reaction to repeated attacks on their positions in Iraq and Syria by the usual forces backed by Tehran – the Russians say 30 since last October – and they, like the Israelis, see weakness. Since Biden took office, the White House has been distancing itself from Israel and Saudi Arabia in order to cuddle up to Iran, to reinstate a deal that would legitimise Tehran’s acquisition of nuclear weapons; a deal never ratified by the Senate and therefore a mere administrative convenience. As a consequence it leaves Israel out on a limb and tempted to strike out directly at Assad’s own palace in Syria to assert its own national interests in the region.

14.06.2022 20:28:00

Израиль пообещал разбомбить дворец Асада

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Власти еврейского государства недовольны тем, что Москва не противодействует усилению позиций Ирана в регионе

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