Signs of Suppressed Inflation in Russia

In order to evade accusations of inflating prices for consumer goods, groceries in particular, Russian manufacturers are following a practice not unknown in the West with respect to chocolate, for example, or those half empty packets of cornflakes for sale or bottles of vitamins that are two-thirds empty.

Komsomol’skaya pravda, said to be Putin’s favourite paper, and a tabloid popular with the general public, has a long piece on concealed inflation through the reduction in size of plastic contains for milk products in particular.

Not of massive importance set against a war, but a sidelight on the negative impact of the war on the Russian consumer.

Komsomol’skaya pravda:

7 мая 2022 13:21
Шоколада и молока мало: россиянам уменьшат размер упаковки продуктов до одной порции
Имеет ли это отношение к здоровью населения или просто способ не потерять продажи

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