Get Rid of Putin’s System Says Russian Commentator

The intensity of the feeling of complete isolation from the rest of the civilised world is bearing in on Russian minds. Boris Vishnevskii quotes the great popular poet of the 19th Century Nikolai Nekrasov: "There were worse times, but not meaner times." To avert a slide back into totalitarianism with the iron curtain, he insists, … Continue reading Get Rid of Putin’s System Says Russian Commentator

Putin’s Protective Package Against Sanctions

Introducing measures that will make the head of the Central Bank's hair stand on end, Putin is moving essentially to ensure that business does not collapse as a result of sanctions. Getting rid of inspections of small and medium sized IT companies; simplifications of procedures for public procurement; indexation of pensions; adjustments to the minimum … Continue reading Putin’s Protective Package Against Sanctions

The New Totalitarianism

Novaya gazeta reports below that the police are seizing people's telephones to check the contents thereon. The journalist present asked on what basis they were doing so. The policeman told him: "You putting unnecessary questions." Новая Газета @novaya_gazeta Московские силовики изучают содержимое чужих телефонов. Журналист «Коммерсанта» Александр Черных увидел на экране чьи-то обнаженные фотографии и … Continue reading The New Totalitarianism