Russia’s Sudden IT Brain Drain


Putin’s savage war on Ukraine has turned Russia into a country that the most talented no longer wish to live in. The end of February and early March saw a veritable tide of IT specialists leave Russia for the “near abroad.” To the suggestion of one reader that it does not matter, the more educated responded that even half a million of them were not enough, and now…

The head of the group InfoWatch, Natalya Kasperskaya, has asked that the Duma do something to rectify the situation and not just materially. Clearly the country now has a problem with alienated educated youth and the direction that the war is leading it into will make the problem even worse. Is Putin now going to lock the doors to keep them in?

Vzglyad ru:

22 March 2022

“Касперская рассказала о покинувших Россию «табунах» IT-специалистов”