Russians Relish Biden’s Oil Crisis

As they say, “What goes around, comes around.” President Biden came to office set on being squeaky clean in getting rid of fossil fuels to appease the believers in global warming. So he clamped down on fracking and closed down oil pipelines from Canada. And it felt good. To please Iran, whose deal with the Obama administration to delay their acquisition of nuclear weapons was never ratified by Congress and was then gleefully dumped by Trump, he refused to back the Saudis against the terrorists in their neighbourhood who were subsidised and armed by Iran. And it felt good.

But then oil turned out to be in short supply and most Americans still need to fuel their cars at low cost. With rapidly rising inflation in everything and Russia’s attack on Ukraine the United States was obliged to cut itself off from Russian oil. Not so good. But Biden did not want to reopen pipelines and accept fracking to return to the Trump era of self-sufficiency in fossil fuels as it would upset the believers. So he went cap in hand to the Venezuelan dictatorship which shoots people at the drop of a hat and, because that would not be enough, he also had to approach the Saudis; apparently their oil production does not affect the climate in the way US oil production does. But the Crown Prince, who runs the country, would not take his phone calls; though Dad would, but then he does have much to do since he does not actually run the country. Not so good. This is why the ever willing Boris Johnson, anxious to get out of problems at home – where truth has become a dangerous contagion – and help himself to more oil, rushed off to see the Crown Prince, who promptly had 81 people beheaded just prior to his arrival as a mark of respect. Not so good, either.

This carnival is a godsend to the Russians, who, judging from the comments page in hardline Vzglyad ru don’t even like the Arabs. It does, with the greatest respect, suggest that Biden and his Secretary of State have not got it quite right.


      “США теряют важнейшего союзника в битве против России”

Саудовская нефть очень нужна Америке  21 марта 2022, 14:16
Фото: Hasan Jamali/AP/ТАСС
Текст: Геворг Мирзаян