Russia Finally Admits Ukraine is Hard to Beat

For so long Russians were led to believe by the Kremlin that Ukraine was weak because it was run by fascists unrepresentative of the population who, by implication, would be welcoming in their kind liberators from the North with flowers. Then they had a problem explaining to their own population why this special military operation was going so slowly given the enormous boasts of the ever boastful Defence Minister Shoigu and his media outlets about the might of the Russian armed forces. Or is it only because the fleet has not yet had a real chance to show its superiority because most of Ukraine is landlocked?

Now the newspaper of the military industrial complex is openly admitting that Ukraine is a tough nut to crack. “One should not underestimate Ukrainian soldiers”, the backhanded compliment comes, “they were trained long and seriously.” Yet even here the passive tense is preferred and of course it is all down to NATO.

Well, given that NATO has, indeed, had a major hand in this since 2014 – and why, one might ask, since 2014: could it be due to the seizure of Crimea by Russsia, perhaps? – and given that the Kremlin must have known this to be the case, why did Putin think he could overthrow Ukraine’s government through a special military operation in merely two days? The Russian population, and not just those who know about how to fight wars, are bound to wonder at the manifest incompetence of their dear leaders.

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