Putin’s Insurance Policy Against Unrest

It is not unlikely that the Russian president has assumed unrest at home sparked by his war of aggression in Ukraine is likely to continue in some form or other in spite of the oppression inflicted on those involved. But he is now intending to subsidise the poorer segment of the population as a means of minimising the damage caused by Western sanctions. Shops that sell luxury western goods have long ago emptied out. Those that sell food have had to ration the amount that each customer can take away with them.

From 1 May low income families with children between the ages of 8 and 16 will receive subsidies to sustain them. But the measure has yet to be introduced and the actual amounts received not so far announced. How far this will go to easing opposition to the war is doubtful since it is pre-eminently the young with their mobile phones who have spearheaded the protests and they are not in the class of the dispossessed; not yet at any rate.

Vedomosti, 8 March 2022:

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