Another Suicide At Gazprom

The corpse of Alexander Tyulyakov, a senior manager at Gazprom, was found on the morning of 25 February in Leninskii, a very expensive community in the Vyborg region where houses run to a million dollars. Tyulyakov was a deputy general director for corporate security at the company. The police were called, but before long three jeeps of “heavies” arrived from Gazprom security and promptly pushed everyone, including the police, beyond the garden fence. It was not long ago, on 30 January, that the head of the transport service of Gazprominvest was also believed to have committed suicide. That death certainly occurred in suspicious circumstances. These may well be a nasty coincidence. If unconnected, the suicide of Tyulyakov, occurring on the night of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, certainly had peculiar timing.

Novaya gazeta:

Нехороший поселок

Самоубийство топ-менеджера «Газпрома» Александра Тюлякова — уже вторая за короткое время неестественная смерть в высшем руководстве главной «артерии страны»

14:02, 7 марта 2022Максим Леонов, специально для «Новой»