Russia, the United States and the Iranian Problem

President Biden’s team is determined to reverse Trump’s destruction of an agreement with Iran, never ratified, to delay its acquisition of a nuclear capability for just a few years. So determined is it that it is working still with Russia to bring this about, despite the invasion of Ukraine. This could be described as diplomatic tightrope walking.

But now that the Russians are being bludgeoned by NATO financial and economic sanctions, they do not see why they should continue to be co-operative unless the Americans lighten the load. Haaretz reports from Israel that the Russian attempt to do this is upsetting the Iranians, who do not want to see their interests, including the end of their American sanctions, held hostage by their presumed friends in Moscow.

New Russian Position Tying Iran Talks and Ukraine Sanctions Is ‘Not Constructive,’ Tehran Says

Haaretz, 5 March 2022: