The Kremlin Cracks Down on the Press

The Orwellian description of the war of aggression as a special military operation has had some difficulty finding acceptance. Today some five hours ago Roskomnadzor has threatened those newspapers calling Putin’s murderous escapade against Ukraine a war, which they have officially been forbidden from doing. And one hour ago the Ministry of Defence repeated the threat, to which Novaya gazeta defiantly reproduced its letter to the Ministry asking answers about the precise numbers of dead and wounded among Russian forces.

Новая Газета@novaya_gazeta·1h⚡️Из заявления Минобороны России:

«Отдельные российские СМИ и прежде всего «Новая газета» нас не услышали. Они активно продвигают фейковую информацию».

❗️ Чтобы редакция публиковала вашу информацию, ее надо предоставлять. Ответ на запрос Минобороны не предоставило до сих пор.