Prepare Two Coffins: One for the Enemy and One for Yourself

As the antiwar protests are reported in Novaya gazeta, a stark reminder of an age-old truth came from the editorial in Nezavisimaya gazeta. The text offers much more, as under Soviet rule, between the lines. Entitled “War. Causes and Consequences. Outcome Uncertain”, it certainly won’t please the president.

Indeed, it could be described as passive aggressive: a text spewed out with bile in sorrow rather than in anger, hitherto pent up in bitter despair. Symptomatically President Putin is throughout purposefully not referred to by his title: he is just Vladimir Putin or Putin. And an underlying tone of sarcasm is never far away from bland statements of fact. “Current military events will have a direct influence on Russia’s domestic politics. The transition of power has ceased. The replacement of Putin as head of the country in these conditions has been removed from the agenda. After all, a responsible politician does not leave his people when the country is surrounded by enemies and Russophobes, sanctions and blackmail.”

Whereas success is visible on the military front, the same cannot said politically. Not just the hypocritical West has reacted in hostility, as expected, but the same United Nations which Russia regarded as a crucial institution in international relations has condemned Russian actions against Ukraine. The editors were evidently appalled – as was almost everyone else – by the president’s vicious caricature of Ukraine’s history as a state that is not really a proper nation. Setting up a diverse array of arguments and counter-arguments for use in a propaganda war proved “that Putin writes articles on historical subjects not from heuristic considerations. But only as a practitioner.”

And the conclusion carries with it a clear warning to those in power: “It would be appropriate to recall a wise saying: when you go to war, prepare two coffins. For the enemy and, just in case, for yourself. It is insanely unfortunate that two fraternal peoples, by the will of fate, have ended up at war with one other. And the victims can not be avoided. Whoever is ultimately held responsible for them…”

Novaya gazeta:

Антивоенные протесты в России. Фотографии

Вечером 24 февраля в российских городах прошли массовые акции против войны с Украиной. Задержано 1816 человек*

08:28, 25 февраля 2022«Новая газета», редакция

Nezavisimaya gazeta:

24.02.2022 20:00:00

Война. Причины и последствия, предсказуемые и не очень

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