The Kremlin Clumsily Tries to Conceal the Truth

The entire operation launched against Ukraine was accomplished in a barrage of deceit. Yet the Russian military have forgotten to toe the line and describe what has been going on in remarkable detail. On Zvezda, deep state tv, the military have proudly announced the destruction of 74 targets within Ukraine’s military infrastructure, including eleven air force bases, a naval base (Odessa) and eighteen air defence radio locators.

This hardly sounds like the official line, an operation limited to the Donbass. Nonetheless the régime seeks to prevent any of its media from using Western sources to enlighten the population as to the true scale of what is actually going on. In other words, it assumes a lack of sympathy for the president’s massive personal gamble. Thus Roskomnadzor has instructed the Russian media to stick exclusively to official Russian sources.

Yet no one appeared to tell the hardline newspaper Vzglyad, which reported an expert opinion to the effect that “Russian forces are seizing the territory of all Ukrainian regions, including those in the West. The maximum – in general all territory contiguous with us…” And everyone knows what is happening to the stockmarket and the rouble. Plus the fact that Nezavisimaya gazeta is simultaneously reporting Czech and Dutch leaders insisting on the harshest financial sanctions – the former calling for the removal of SWIFT, a massive messaging network of banks, for Russian financial transactions across the globe; and the latter called for financial sanctions personally against Putin, since this is his war, not Russia’s war.

Nezavisimaya gazeta:

СМИ должны опираться на официальные российские источники по операции на Украине — РКН

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Vzglyad ru:

Эксперт назвал вероятные сроки окончания военной операции на Украине

  24 февраля 2022, 17:04
Фото: Константин Михальчевский/РИА Новости
Текст: Рафаэль Фахрутдинов

17:00 24.02.2022 Источник: Информационное агентство России “ТАСС”