The US and UK Stir Unrest in Syria

It makes sense. While the adversary is threatening war in one theatre, he cannot concentrate on what takes place around the periphery. In this case deep state tv informed us tonight that on 15 February Defence Minister Shoigu had to fly out to Damascus. The reason why was that the British and the Americans were unleashing waves of “jihadists” onto the Syrian capital from the north-east in the hope of stirring sufficient mass unrest to prompt a coup d’état to overthow Assad. “The situation is changing quickly, and not for the best” Zvezda reports. Meanwhile three NATO aircraft carriers are closely watching Russian naval manoeuvres offshore; conspicuously over-shadowing lesser vesssels. Bearing in mind that neighbouring Turkey opposes Russian aggresssion against Ukraine and that it is at odds with Russia’s ally in Syria, Iran, it is not entirely inconceivable that the Russian position might unravel for want of diligent attention. Perhaps too much attention has focused on Western sanctions rather than alternative forms of retaliation.

Zvezda tv:


Сирийская карта

18:30 22.02.2022