Russian Hopes Rise on Divisions Within the US

The Russians are still weighing up the US reaction to their military intervention in the Eastern Ukraine. They had been expecting more, according to the hardline Vzglyad ru, and got less than investors thought likely: “But the most important thing is that it has shown a split within the American political elite on the question of the Donbass, which until recently it was difficult even to imagine.” This was evident because the dollar did not rise against the rouble as much as anticipated.

On the political front the meeting of President Biden with President Putin has been cancelled because of Russsian actions. The meeting between Lavrov and Blinken has, on the other hand, just been postponed; but then Blinken explained to reporters that the United States favours dialogue. “To see the logic in this conjunction of facts is a problem even for the liberal media in the US relatively loyal to Biden”, the newspaper adds with open contempt. Whereas Biden has united the West against Russia, he has divided opinion at home, it argues, somewhat hopefully. Biden had pinned too much on an outright invasion of Ukraine from all sides by Russia – which did not happen. As a result Biden is the object of “mockery.” Quoting former President Trump on the “brilliance” of Putin’s move of sending massive “peace-keeping” forces into the Donbass, Vzglyad reflects that he is much the most popular within the Republican Party and may stand in the next elections, but unfortunately, it adds, this is not enough to hope that the United States will give up on Ukraine, which few Americans could even find on the map.

Under pressure of embarrassment, Biden has now reversed its reversal of the Trump adminstrations attempt to stop Nordstream II and by seeking to punish the vested interests behind it.

Vzglyad ru:

Признание Донбасса раскололо Америку«Кто, во имя Господа, такой Путин и кто дал ему право провозглашать новые государства?»  23 февраля 2022, 18:40
Фото: Chris Kleponis/Keystone Press Agency
/Global Look Press
Текст: Игорь Полежаев