Ukraine Moves Towards a Major Concession

Late last night, 13 February, interviewed live on BBC radio 5, Ukraine’s ambassador to London, Vadym Prystaiko, suggested that his country might be willing to stand down its request to join NATO in order to avoid a war with Russia. Under pressure from the journalist interviewing him, he repeated this point. Even though under pressure from his government, Prystaiko was – on Breakfast TV this morning – obliged to deny that his country would relinquish its determination to join NATO, the genie may well be hard to put back into the bottle.

This could turn matters around in the dispute between Moscow and Kiev and may well have prompted President Putin’s decision to see both Lavrov and Shoigu together today, Monday 14 February. The fact that James Heappey, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for the Armed Forces (Procurement), gave an interview today on Sky News suggesting that he supports the idea put forward by the Ukrainian ambassador certainly adds weight to the proposal. We will before long see what, if anything, results from the Kremlin meeting unusually advertised before the event.

Британия поддержит Украину в решении отказаться от членства в НАТО — замминистра

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