The Kremlin Responds

Although the Ukrainian ambassador disavowed the statement he made the night before, it none the less had its effect; and the fact that Prystaiko appeared on the BBC to make it in the first place followed shortly afterwards by a strong measure of support expressed from the British Ministry of Defence suggests that more was going on in the kitchen before the dish was served to the table than one had presupposed.

A slight suggestion in the hardline Vzglyad ru which appeared early this afternoon (Russian time) hints at something similar, though over-egging the pudding by arguing that the British are “launching a re-set of Ukraine’s plans for NATO membership.” The paper also points out that the Ukrainians are divided and that Foreign Ministry spokesman, Oleg Nikolenko, in apparently disavowing ambassador Prystaiko at the same time opened the door to pragmatic negotiation.

After President Putin’s scheduled meeting with Lavrov and Shoigu, Nezavisimaya gazeta this evening appeared with a long explanation of Russian policy. It included the statement that the manoeuvres that have given so much cause for alarm were decided upon by Putin back in December. A part of those manoeuvres are scheduled to end now, while others are due to continue. The entire article will have enlightened the Russian public for the first time as to the genuine degree of concern within NATO at the crisis that has resulted. And the emphasis on the continuation of negotiations with the various parties suggests a more optimistic outcome than one would have anticipated from the megaphone diplomacy at the end of last week. Evidently Putin wants to reassure his own constituency in power, which may be just as divided as in Ukraine, that progress is actually being made.

Vzglyad ru:

Лондон запустил обнуление планов Украины о членстве в НАТО

Посол Украины в Лондоне допустил возможный отказ Киева от членства в НАТО, однако затем передумал  14 февраля 2022, 14:50
Фото: Serg Glovny/ZUMA/
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Текст: Елена Лексина,
Рафаэль Фахрутдинов

Nezavisimaya gazeta:

14.02.2022 19:41:00

Играть на обострение Кремль не стал

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