Russia Tries Appeasing the Taliban

It is not just President Biden who wants to trust the Taliban, so do the Russians. And Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has an inexhaustible appetite for negotiation, even if the outlook is about as bleak as it could be.

Having demonstrated to the world that their word is not quite their bond, the Taliban, so the Russians appear to believe, can be persuaded into coming to terms with Afghanistan’s northern warlords, Russia’s only allies on the ground. Ambassador Dimtrii Zhirnov, whose job it obviously is to use every skill he possesses to win over his host country, appeared on “Solov’ev Live” on 21 August and claimed everything in the streets indicated life was continuing as normal. For those at the mercy of such delusions, the real world must be a bewildering place. The White House probably houses the only known fellow sufferer.

Zhirnov has effectively been disregarded by his own government since the evacuation of Russian nationals from Kabul was already under way when he gave his reassurances.

Nezavisimaya gazeta, 22.08.2021 20:09:00

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