Russia And Turkey Collaborate Closely On Afghanistan

On the chessboard of the Near East and Central Asia the impact of the American pull-out from Afghanistan has confounded the Great Game played since the 1970s. All of a sudden those who thought they were in a strong and strengthening position have to reassess where they stand.

Russia has most to lose with its unresolved, festering problem with Islamic terrorism and the lengthy border for which it is ultimately responsible of the former Soviet republics – de facto protectorates – facing Afghanistan. Turkey, which holds more refugees than any other state near Europe, also faces the prospect of ever more refugees from war and persecution flooding through its territory en route to Germany and Britain. So it was not surprising, perhaps, that Erdogan and Putin just spoke to one another by telephone to assess the prospects for close co-operation on Afghanistan.

See Rossiiskaya gazeta:

21.08.2021 17:13

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Путин и Эрдоган подчеркнули важность соблюдения порядка в Афганистане

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