Russia Notes American Weakness in Oil

Having undercut the bases established by the Trump administration to create and sustain US autarchy in the field of energy, the Biden administration then found to its surprise that oil prices are way out of control globally and naively turned to OPEC for its assistance in cutting those prices to help out the United States. The Afghan rout put side by side with the incompetence in energy policy points to weakness in Washington DC.

This is certainly how it is seen in Moscow. The hardline Vzglyad ru has as its headline: “The United States is losing its power over oil.” It goes on to add: “And the issue is not only about the defeat in the fight over the Russian gas pipeline ‘Nordstream II’. The USA is asking OPEC and Russia to lower the price of oil. What is going on?”

США теряют власть над нефтью

Американский нефтегаз сдает позиции  19 августа 2021, 22:01
Фото: REUTERS/Dado Ruvic
Текст: Ольга Самофалов