Russia Shocked At US Pull-Out From Kabul

One might innocently have supposed that the Russians would have welcomed any defeat or humiliation of the United States in whatever part of the globe one looked, however the coverage in Moscow is extraordinarily understanding and, indeed, dismayed at recent events.

Even the hardline Vzglyad ru is not crowing too much at the American disaster, and Nezavisimaya gazeta continues its long lamentation at the larger impact of the US withdrawal and what it portends worldwide. The paper suggests that the Middle East is shocked at the pull-out, but the entire tone of the editorial suggests that this is not merely a Middle Eastern response.

18.08.2021 19:06:00

Афганская политика Байдена вызвала шок на Ближнем Востоке

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Региональные силы опасаются участи кабульского правительства