Afghanistan and the Geopolitical Consequences

Konstantin Remchukov, the chief editor of Nezavisimaya gazeta, the more moderate voice of government who deplored the crushing of the country’s fledgling democracy with the imprisonment of the leader of the opposition, is, as an economist, someone one would expect to offer a cautious judgement on recent events.

The editorial that appears today does just that and although it purportedly comes from the entire editorial board – От редакции – Remchukov’s draft sailed through without anyone spotting the anomaly. He inadvertently writes in the first person.

And the tone is definitely personal: the rejection of anti-American triumphalism, effectively a lamentation that the United States has now given up completely on thrusting democracy down everyone’s throats; and the gloomy conclusion that “All nations, now, it seems, have the right to the unlimited use of force at home, to be reactionary and to regress.”

The problem for Russia, and not only Russia, of course, is that it leaves others with the problem. “In this case the USA succeeds in creating serious potential threats to the national security of China, and Russia. Without taking action and without significant military expenditure.”

17.08.2021 17:32:00

О геополитических последствиях решения Джозефа Байдена по Афганистану

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