The West Does Not Really Care

Coverage of events in Russia, whether from the United States or Britain, is utterly inadequate, and the Kremlin knows it is. Somehow, after imposing series of sanctions on Russia since 2014, there are always a few more that can be issued at the press of the button when President Putin acts out of line; which means that the sanctions originally imposed were not that consequential – just enough to hurt but not sufficient to force anyone to the negotiating table.

The Germans are going to have their gas supply taken care of courtesy of Vladimir Putin. The Democrats can still accuse President Trump of colluding with Russia because none of those who framed him and his people for doing so have been brought to justice. The British made a lot of noise when Litvinenko was murdered in London and a bit more noise when Skrypal’ was nearly murdered in Salisbury, but the Kremlin correctly calculated that if NATO was not prepared to act as a united and purposeful organisation, in the end it did not matter. The fact that Bellingcat produced evidence showing that Foreign Minister Lavrov had been in telephone communication with those responsible for trying to kill Skrypal’ before and after the event has been concealed from the general public.

Now the entire organisation of the only real opposition to Vladimir Putin has been banned and Naval’ny faces protracted physical and mental deterioration in prison.

The old joke that there has been a sexual revolution because the organs have taken power is once again a reality.

See Novaya gazeta:

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