Sergei Lavrov Implicated in Terrorism?

It is unfortunate, but the liberation of Russia and the neighbouring republics from the dictatorship of the Soviet Communist Party over political life, the economy, the media and personal life that was justifiable to hardline believers in socialism has given way to a semi-dictatorship that has re-established most the faults of the old régime with none of the attendant benefits – an entirely free education, Pioneer/Komsomol sports and cultural facilities and privileges, and a free health service – and a few additional vices.

The Soviet régime’s direct use of terrorism was more apparent in the 1950s under Nikita Khrushchev, assassinating Russian and Ukrainian emigré leaders, than under his successors. Here what was more evident was the sponsorship of foreign terrorist organisations, notably from the Middle East, via the Czech intelligence services. But it is hard to believe that the rather staid Andrei Gromyko played any role in sanctioning terrorist activities.

Things have changed, however. According to, the investigative service that operates with the Russian and Der Spiegel, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was closely involved in the operation to poison Skrypal:

The direct involvement of Gen. Andrey Averyanov [in the bombing of a Czech arms depot] also closely implicates the political leadership in Russia. Averyanov is not only a senior commander in Russia’s military intelligence who – based on telephone data analyzed by us – reports directly to GRU’s director. He also communicates directly with the Kremlin, including – as identified from Averyanov’s call records – with the office of Foreign Minister Lavrov, with whom he communicated repeatedly before and in the aftermath of the Skripal poisoning.