China Rejects Russian Alliance

No one has actually said that an alliance between Moscow and Beijing is on the cards. The previous alliance forged in 1950 paved the way to the Korean War and effectively broke up in the autumn of 1962. It never worked well because the new Communist China rejected Soviet leadership. The Soviet Union was always the bigger partner. But now Chinese GDP per capita is higher than that of the Russians, the Chinese are building up their armed forces at a great rate, so any alliance would be more one of equals.

That said, on 22 October President Putin hinted that an alliance with China “could not be ruled out”. Now the Chinese Defence Ministry have made plain that they do not want one anyway; certainly not a united front against NATO.

Clearly Beijing harbours hopes that the Biden administration’s softer approach to China could pay off and does not want to set alarms ringing in Washington DC while the Americans are renewing their confrontation with Moscow.

Nezavisimaya gazeta:

03.03.2021 20:09:00

Китай не хочет вступать в военный союз с Россией

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Пекин опасается, что его втянут в конфликт Вашингтона и Москвы

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