Who Plotted Naval’ny’s Removal?

The United States Department of the Treasury today itemised those, other than the President himself, directly responsible for the maltreatment of Alexi Naval’ny, including the attempts to poison him, his sentencing and his detention in Russia today. They are banned from holding assets in the United States or doing business with any American citizens.

The list given in Nezavisimaya gazeta below is complete but for one fascinating detail.

Sergei Kiriyenko is the First Deputy Chief of Staff of the Presidential Executive Office, “domestic policy curator.”

Aleksei Krivoruchko is a Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation.  

Pavel Popov is a Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation,  responsible for research .

Alexander Bortnikov is the Director of the FSB. 

Alexander Kalashnikov is the director of the FSIN.  

Igor Krasnov is Russia’s Prosecutor General. 

Alongside the officials named is the key figure in the detailed organisation of Naval’ny’s persecution, hitherto only listed as one of those involved.

This person is Andrei Yarin, who is the chief of the Kremlin’s domestic policy directorate.  What the Department of the Treasury reveals, presumably from secret intelligence sources, for the first time is that “Yarin was appointed to a task force inside the Presidential Executive Office whose role was to counter Navalny’s influence in Russian society, including through operations meant to discredit him.”

Meanwhile the main “Naval’nyst”, Leonid Volkov, has been pressing the EU to introduce harsher sanctions directed specifically at Russian businessmen who support the President.

Nezavisimaya gazeta today:

Минфин США опубликовал список россиян, попавших под санкции в связи с делом Навального

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21:20 02.03.2021 Источник: РБК

US Department of the Treasury, press release:

“Treasury Sanctions Russian Officials in Response to the Novichok Poisoning of Aleksey Navalny”

Nezavisimaya gazeta:

01.03.2021 20:17:00

Соратники Навального хотят добиться от ЕС настоящих санкций

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Оппозиция предлагает давить на олигархов, а не на отдельных чиновников

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