Twitter’s Devastating Blow for Freedom?

It is reported today that the lord and masters of Twitter, evidently now an adjunct of the Biden State Department, have cancelled 100 Russian accounts on their website because the accounts were deemed to be undermining NATO!

In Britain we rejected the nanny state. Now we have a nanny corporation. I really had no idea that NATO was such a delicate snowflake that it could melt so easily. Perhaps we should read this timely intervention in the light of John Kerry’s warning that we are all going to die from global warming in nine years’ time (as a result of the fuel spewing from his private plane, no doubt.) Perhaps Mr Kerry has not looked out of the window and noticed the massive quantities of snow in the US this year (and in Moscow) and does not know that we are entering a major solar minimum and that with the concurrent shifting of the earth’s magnetic field we are actually heading in precisely the opposite direction towards an ice age?

And have we really reached the point where the population of the West is so endangered that it needs the mighty Twitter to protect it from unkind Russian verbiage? Are we not to be trusted to read everything and make up our own minds?

See Moskovskie novosti:

Twitter удалил 100 аккаунтов, якобы связанных с Россией

23 февраля, 21:29

По данным соцсети, 69 аккаунтов осуществляли деятельность по «ослаблению стабильности и надежности НАТО». Еще 31 профиль, по версии Twitter, был связан с «Агентством интернет-исследований». Как сообщают представители сервиса, действия этих аккаунтов направлены против США и ЕС.