China Aiding Islamic Terrorism in Kabul?

A very strange report appears today in Nezavisimaya gazeta that does not normally associate itself with hearsay. If there ever appeared to be an unlikely occurrence in Afghanistan it would be that the Chinese intelligence agencies assisted by the Pakistani equivalent are engaged in gun running to Islamic terrorists.

But that is what special correspondent Andrei Serenko reports. Serenko has had the Afghan beat for two and a half years, so he is no novice, and the source is Afghan police intelligence that claims to have intercepted the shipment: a lorry that came in through Ningrahar Province in Eastern Afghanistan. It contains arms, including pistols, ammunition, and components for the construction of improvised explosive devices that bear all the hallmarks of Chinese construction. It was destined for the Haqqani terror network in the capital.

Were all this to prove true, then it would be a massive political scandal following, as it does, upon the discovery by the Afghan authorities of an entire Chinese spy network operating out of Kabul and the Eastern provinces with assistance from Pakistani intelligence. Or would the White House just dismiss this as yet another peculiarity of Chinese culture, perhaps?

21.02.2021 20:43:00

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