Russia Reacts to EU Talk of Sanctions

Rossiiskaya gazeta, the Russian government rag, appeared today with a statement from Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov given in reaction to talk within the EU of inflicting sanctions on Russia. But he alighted upon a curious way of getting his message through that is unlikely to persuade doubters and effectively highlights the total self-absorption of the Putin régime that mirrors the deep introspection of the unhappy Soviet past.

Clearly addressing a domestic audience of his own age because no one else would have a clue what he was talking about, Lavrov casts the EU as “the kingdom of crooked mirrors”: a direct reference to the children’s story by Soviet writer Gubarev in the early sixties that was turned into a film. A few evil counsellors behind the back of the King totally distorted life in the realm, brainwashing the population into believing that good was evil and vice versa. It was rather a crude allegory for the Cold War, pointing up the hypocrisy of the Soviet Union’s enemies in the West. The tale does have a happy ending as everything is reversed. Are we to expect a coup in the EU shortly?

Lavrov is, unfortunately, beginning to sound like the Grinch who stole Christmas rather than the foreign minister of a Great Power.

12.02.2021 13:46Рубрика: Власть

Лавров назвал “королевством кривых зеркал” заявления Евросоюза

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