Russia Eyes US Snub to Israel

Today the Israeli ambassador to Britain, a hardliner as the former minister for settlements, took the unusual step of writing a piece for the Daily Telegraph claiming everything was just fine in relations with the United States, which of course is not the case otherwise she would not be writing anything at all.

Indeed Nezavisimaya gazeta remarks upon the fact that President Biden has not spoken to the Israeli Prime Minister in three weeks. Prime Minister Netanyahu – once the darling dinner guest of Democrats in New York and Princeton when he was ambassador to the UN in the mid-eighties – was, of course, latterly close to President Trump. He cannot have forgotten that President Obama’s White House, in which Biden served as vice president with some responsibility for foreign affairs, notoriously interfered in an Israeli election unsuccessfully to the disadvantage of Netanyahu. And now there is talk in Washington of forcing Israel out of the strategically vital Golan Heights it seized from Syria during the Six Day War in 1967.

“Israel is losing status in the eyes of the White House”, Nezavisimaya gazeta suggests. But the open question is, what advantage can President Putin and Foreign Minister Lavrov take of Israel’s growing alienation?

11.02.2021 20:27:00

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