Merkel Saves the Russian Gas Pipeline

The German Chancellor’s ability to survive awkward political challenges has once again been severely tested and once more appears confirmed.

Angela Merkel is reported in Vzglyad ru as having craftily evaded the pressure to cancel the Nordstream 2 pipeline by handing over the thorny issue to the EU as a whole, framed in terms of the fate of opposition leader Naval’ny, who appears to have miraculously survived the attempt to kill him with a notorious toxin. It is not thought that this will result in any significant punishment of Moscow.

Меркель хитрой уловкой спасает «Северный поток – 2»

Meanwhile Nezavisimaya gazeta reports that the Americans – Congress, of course, not the White House – plans to set up an oil embargo against Russian exports as punishment for trying to assassinate Naval’ny. This appears to be more acceptable to their German allies.

09.09.2020 20:33:00

Нефтяное эмбарго в обмен на “Северный поток – 2”

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В санкционной войне готовится крутой поворот

 Ольга Соловьева

Of course, the President does not care for the Germans at all and views the Chinese, not the Russians, as the main enemy; from this standpoint, what is done to Russia in retaliation for the attempt on Naval’ny is of no particular interest. Vaska the cat listens, but goes on eating.

The tenor of the statement by the German ambassador in Moscow yesterday supports the view that Merkel has dissociated Germany from any unilateral measures over the Naval’ny poisoning.

09.09.2020 18:18:00

Посол ФРГ в России: Случай с Навальным выходит за рамки российско-германских отношений

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Официальное представительство Германии распространило заявление о беседе германского посла с первым замминистра иностранных дел РФ Титовым 

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