Naval’ny Poisoned With Novichok

      After opposition leader Naval’ny was taken seriously ill in Russia and the Russian doctors declared that he just had a problem with blood pressure, world opinion ensured that he got out and to the safety of Berlin where German military toxicologists discovered that he had been poisoned with a toxin from the Novichok strain. Novichok will be remembered as the poison that was administered to Skrypal’ in England. The full report from Berlin is today – 3 September – published in Novaya gazeta.


Навальный отравлен «Новичком»

Полный текст заявления правительства Германии

   When the news appeared the markets reacted and the rouble fell against the Euro and the dollar. And candid reporting is nor restricted just to the oppositionist Novaya gazeta, it also finds its way into the mainstream Nezavisimaya gazeta:

02.09.2020 19:53:00

Дело Навального возвращает “Новичок” в мировую политику

Новость о том, что в анализах нашли след нашумевшего российского яда, ударила по рублю

Владимир Разуваев

     Moreover, the lame excuses offered up from Moscow – that Naval’ny would have died if he had been administered Novichok – scarcely ring true after the complete hash military intelligence made of attempting to assassinate Skrypal’. To say a crime was committed incompetently is scarcely a plea from defence council that is likely to convince judge and jury. In this case world opinion.

The question that remains is: how much longer will Russia continue to drive itself out of the civilised world?