Russians Bat for Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez

I thought I had seen some bizarre press coverage in my time but this really takes the biscuit. Maria Berk (can that name be real?) writes an entire article devoted to A.O.C., as she is known, the young socialist congresswomen who is supposed to have studied international relations with economics at Boston University but has no idea about either subject.

So the suggestion of Komsomol’skaya pravda‘s correspondent that A.O.C. might become the next president of the USA after Trump and Biden indicates that not all those who study Amerikanistiki in Russia are very bright. So she does have something in common with her subject..

But a curious assumption crept into the article and that is the suggestion that old man Biden, who can barely string a coherent sentence together without a script, is likely to be the next president. Is this an indication of a Russian favourite now that we know that the notorious Steele dossier was actually fabricated from sources in Washington DC?


Кто такая Окасио-Кортес: как официантка из Бронкса стала самой молодой конгрессвумен в США

Одна из самых ярких женщин в американской политике может стать президентом после Трампа или Байдена