Russian Coverage of American Anarchy

It is unusual to see such accurate and objective reporting of the American scene. But Zvezda television, a Deep State channel that covers war, the history of war and secret intelligence as much as current affairs, with fast shooting journalists who often talk across one another, gave excellent coverage of recent riots in the United States and the administration’s reaction to them.

The title and subtitle of a piece by Anna Kozlova that came out over a week ago says it all:

Коронавирус, протесты и международный скандал: как демократы пытаются повлиять на рейтинг Трампа

21:12 05.07.2020
В погоне за политическими очками противники президента США, кажется, готовы эксплуатировать любую тему.
  “The coronovirus, protests and an international scandal: how the democrats are attempting to influence Trump’s ratings. In pursuit of political advantage the opponents of the president of the USA, it seems, are prepared to exploit any theme.”
It is striking that Kozlova has reacted to the scenes of anarchy in Democrat controlled cities like Seattle, Portland, Atlanta and New York, much as the average Republican.