Afghanistan: Russia Wants the U.S. to Stay

My enemy’s enemy is my friend. It was only too apparent today, when the Russian Foreign Ministry condemned the Americans for bombing the Taliban after the latter launched further attacks on Afghan government forces, that Moscow does not actually want the Americans out of Afghanistan, even at the cost of the Russians taking the side of the Taliban. Hence the title of the article today by Nezavisimaya gazeta: “Russia is Becoming an Advocate for the ‘Taliban'”.


05.03.2020 20:55:00

Россия становится адвокатом “Талибана”

МИД РФ объяснил атаки боевиков на афганские Вооруженные силы



But no one has ever seriously accused Foreign Minister Lavrov of subtlety. In respect of Russian diplomacy, what you see is what you get.