Turkey Piles on the Pressure

President Erdogan had a telephone conversation with President Putin in which he pressed to be permitted to face Syria one on one without Russia’s involvement, This was obviously not going to get anywhere. And Putin phoned his Iranian opposite number to reassert that Iran and Russia stand together on the fate of Syria.

Today, 29 February, the Turkish response was to bomb the Syrian factories producing chemical warfare stocks and the runways that could see them airborne. Given that the Syrians were supposed to have destroyed such stocks some years ago, few would shed even crocodile tears for their destruction.

None the less Turkish behaviour is to say the least highly irrational and the danger of matters getting out of control is high. Only the French seem seriously interested in doing something to mediate, but that is no doubt because those thousands of refugees that Tukey has discharged at the frontier with Greece will sooner or later arrive in France, and moving them on to the UK is now no longer an option.

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Турецкие военные нанесли удары по заводам по производству химоружия в Сирии