Mr Bloomberg: Russia’s Alternative to Trump?

So much has been made of Donald Trump as a favourite of the Russians. We were assured on great authority – of someone sensibly “let go” by British Intelligence some years past who relied upon highly dubious Russian sources – that Trump was in the grip of blackmail from Moscow and could trade off American interests to save his hide. The idea that Trump is the Russian favourite has been relaunched on the back of reports recently delivered to Congressmen eager for more by intelligence officials to the evident fury of the President. Yet Trump has delivered nothing to the Russians except sanctions and more sanctions intermittently spaced by the utterance of sweet nothings.

Out to impeach the new president for the past two and a half years, as Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi openly acknowledged, demonic and mendacious Democrat Congressmen like Adam Schiff led a mad pursuit founded loosely on the notion that Trump was some sort of “Manchurian Candidate” on behalf of Moscow.

This led to two pointless years and the absurdity of millions wasted on the Mueller investigation run by a bunch of unscrupulous Democrat lawyers along with their cronies in the Deep State who told “porky pies” and used the FBI to entrap Trump people in order to compromise the President.

So how about this? The Russian establishment are as mesmerised by the chaotic process of choosing a candidate for the Democrat Party as we are. Russia’s Deep State television channel Zvezda broadcast its program “Mezhdu Tem” with Natalya Metlina last night entitled “How much is the White House Worth?” (“Skol’ko stoit ‘Belyi Dom’?“) and subtitled: “Will the millionaire Bloomberg buy the American elections?”

The focus of the interview was a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for the study of the USA and Canada at the Academy of Sciences set up by Yuri Andropov as head of the KGB. Vladimir Vasil’ev, a well known TV commentator on American foreign and economic affairs, was the specialist interviewed. Metlina played a television clip of multi-billionaire Democrat contender Michael Bloomberg back in 2015 comparing Russia’s seizure of Crimea to the American annexation of Texas two hundred years ago! Evidently some in Moscow believe he well may be a man they can do business with.

Vasil’ev thinks Bloomberg could become “the Trump of the Democrat Party”, the only difference being that in contrast to Trump he has been holding his policy options close to his chest. Vasil’ev has the distinct impression “that as soon as Bloomberg became president we can expect from him even more alternatives or more abrupt changes even than from Trump. And in respect of Crimea, there are possibilities.”

Are we now to expect that Mr Schiff will start an investigation of the dubious Mr Bloomberg?


Сколько стоит «Белый Дом»?

23:05 20.02.2020
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