Pakistan Unites Terror Groups in Afghanistan

Two days ago the Russian press reported an operation by Afghan special forces against insurgents, only a few of whom were actually Afghans; the others being Pakistanis. Nezavisimaya gazeta also stated on good authority that the notorious ISI,  secret military intelligence, in Pakistan that has been the bane of Afghanistan since the Soviet withdrawal at the end of the eighties is responsible for drawing together the insurgents from previously conflicting groups, including the Taliban and a branch of Al Qaeda, Jamaat-ul-Ahrar.

So it rather looks like all the threats from Washington D.C. to enforce Pakistani co-operation in the clean up of Afghanistan have been of no avail. The Russian reporting does not say this, nor does it comment on Chinese involvement in the region.

08.02.2020 23:57:00

Афганский спецназ уничтожил резидента разведки “Талибана”