Erdogan is Playing with Moscow and Washington

The above is the title of an article in that appeared yesterday. If true, those in Moscow who had pinned their hopes on drawing Turkey out of NATO, thereby breaking its southern flank, are seeing their hopes dashed, as are those Americans who believed that by giving Turkey a free hand in northern Syria they could ensure Turkey would return to the Western fold.

In fact President Erdogan is doing the obvious in order to take unilateral advantage from events and, like Presidents Trump and Putin, to assert the primacy of his national interests. The director of the Centre for the Study of the Near East and Central Asia, Semyon Bagdasarov, a military man from a military family, has a favourite word: zhestko (tough, very determined). He sees no end to these tactics. He therefore counsels caution in handing over the latest military technologies to a country that, historically, simply cannot be trusted. Given that Turkey will not leave NATO, he suggests that Moscow will just have to put up with Erdogan until he leaves office.

Эрдоган играет с Москвой и Вашингтоном